Customized packaging
Create your own customized packaging

Whatever you want to tell the world, do it with ColomPac®.

What would you prefer? We offer various printing processes:



is the perfect cost-effective choice for up to 2-color printing on corrugated cardboard. For orders of 5,000 pcs and more, you can have packaging with a difference.

Offset printing

up to six colors on either corrugated cardboard or solid board Let your creativity run wild! Send us the printing data, and hey presto! The minimum order is a bit higher for offset. Special printing processes can also be used to achieve exciting effects – the icing on the cake for prestigious packaging.

Next step: system partner

With today’s fast and dynamic developments in the mail order business, we are also ready to sit down with you to develop an effective response. We already have experience with RFID chips, serial barcode printing and semi-automatic packaging processes. 

You won’t find a better packaging solution.
Watch out for the benefits of ColomPac® on this video.

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